Dylan Astrom


The Anachronist

The Anachronist– An Introduction

Anachronist: A mysterious name for me. Why aren’t they called time travelers? Too mainstream? Too cliché? Nah, there’s more to it. It’s a matter of technicality.

A time traveler is too passive, too ill-defined. Strictly speaking, everyone travels through time; it’s the fourth dimension of space. But an anachronist, they displace, they disrupt, and, most importantly, they disjoin. There’s an imperceptible line—linear—that every being on the earth walks. Some start that walk earlier, some later, but walk they do.

However, the anachronist can do many things with this line. They can turn around, skip ahead, retrace their steps, but most impressive of all, they can stop walking altogether.


Pangaea (Book I):

Status: Completed on 01.25.18!

The Anachronist: Pangaea, is my debut novel, and the first installment of an overarching trilogy.

Here’s a brief synopsis of it:

High school freshman Evan Hall is taken on a one-way trip to the Cretaceous Period. Here, he will have to grapple with the scientifically impossible to survive in the presence of medieval knights and an inexorable horde of dinosaurs. The former thinks him a seer, imbued with the knowledge to escape the confinement of this time period, while the latter is controlled telepathically by a mysterious being named Jinast, who will stop at nothing to kill him. Evan takes refuge in a camp, known as the Summit by the knights. He discovers that many of its inhabitants are from different time periods entirely, including its leader, Socrates.

However, none of them are from the future. As Evan begins to grasp the world he’s been thrusted into, and put the pieces of this mystery together, the Summit flirts evermore dangerously to the brink of collapse. And should it snap, the biggest threat on his life might not be Jinast. Evan must figure out exactly why he was sent back in time, and, more urgently, who did it.

Currently, I am seeking representation for it. Will update when this changes.


Title II (Book II):

Status: In development (writing stage). ETA: First draft to be completed by 12.31.18